Tuesday, May 16, 2017

When the Moon Comes by Paul Harbridge

Title: When the Moon Comes
Author: Paul Harbridge
Pages: 40
Edition: E-ARC via Netgalley
Ages: 4-8

Synopsis from Goodreads:
In this atmospheric story, a group of kids play hockey on a frozen lake by moonlight. At once nostalgic and timely, this is a gorgeous book that will speak to readers young and old.
The beaver flood has finally frozen--perfect ice, without a bump or a ripple. For the kids in town, it's Christmas in November. They wait, impatiently, for the right moment. 
Finally, it arrives: the full moon. 
They huff and puff through logging trails, farms, back roads and tamarack swamps, the powdery snow soaking pant legs and boots, till they see it--their perfect ice, waiting. 

I love books that deal with Winter because when snow is being described, I feel as if I can smell it and feel the bitter bite of wind on my cheeks. I'm super happy it's Summer now, but I do miss Winter when I read books like this.
The children are excited for a night time game of hockey on a pond. They wait and wait until the perfect time and then they go have their fun. The artwork in this book is top notch and it gives off a very melancholy feel to it. The blues and greens in the book go together so well.