Friday, January 20, 2017

Gracie Meets a Ghost by Keiko Sena

Title: Gracie Meets a Ghost
Author: Keiko Sena
Pages: 32

Synopsis from Goodreads:
Gracie hasn’t been able to see very well recently, so she decides to get some glasses. But, after playing on the mountain one day, she realizes that night that her glasses are missing. She heads straight out to look for them on the mountain–where a bored ghost is hiding in the darkness, waiting for someone to scare. Although Ghost tries to scare her, Gracie doesn't react by being frightened, not even little–because she can't see Ghost well enough to be scared without her glasses! Ghost really wants to see Gracie scared, so he helps in her search all night long and finally finds her glasses. But what happens when Gracie puts them on...

I've never seen a ghost story for children before, but this one is just so adorable!
Gracie is a bunny who can't see all that great, so she's gotten glasses. She gets teased by her classmates, but she's also secretly a little proud of them as well. Who doesn't love seeing better anyway?
Soon though, she encounters something that every person with bad eyesight has to go through at some point. She loses her glasses! When she goes back up to the mountain where she lost them while playing with friends, she encounters a very bored ghost. The ghost tries to scare her but it ends up backfiring because Gracie can't see! The ghost looks everywhere for Gracie's glasses in order to help her, just so she'll be able to be scared by it when she finally puts them on. The ghost finally finds them, but then something else happens to foil his plan!

I really like this story because it normalizes getting glasses for children who have bad eyesight. I remember when I was younger I was so embarrassed to get glasses, but over time I got used to them. I wish I had gotten this book back then. I probably would have felt a little better having them. The artwork in this book is great! The pages are shiny and have a very nice feel to them. The perfect amount of suspense for a child, with funny parts to it as well.

DISCLAIMER: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not sway my opinion of the book in any way.

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