Monday, August 15, 2016

The Pokemon Go Book Tag!

This awesome tag was thought up by Aentee from Read at Midnight! I'm using the images she's used as well. Go check out the blog if you're feeling up to it. You won't be disappointed. :)

I can't think of a specific book that I read when I was younger that kick-started my reading obsession, but I know I read a lot of random children's books. I do remember getting into Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events books. I want to re-visit those soon. They were so good!

I know this is probably on everyone's list, butttttt the Harry Potter books. If that's not what she meant by classic, then I'd go with The Picture of Dorian Gray by  Oscar Wilde. I loved that book so much for some reason, and if anyone asks me for a rec of a classic, it's always that one.

I'm gonna have to go with Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. I've seen this book everywhere and it just makes it so hard to pick up. As well as all of her other books. I've just seen them so much it's turned me off to reading them. I don't know if it's because of all the hype I've seen or if it's just because they don't sound like books I'd be interested in.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. Obviously it reminds me of other books because it's based off of the characters in The Wizard of Oz, but I still love how she crafted the story and made it her own.

I have a book on my bookshelf with all three of the books in the His Dark Materials books by Philip Pullman that I have yet to pick up because it is just straight up massive as well as paperback, so it's freaking heavy. I would have done better with all three of them separate books, but I got it as a gift so I will be reading it anyway eventually.

Eleanor by Jason Gurley. I sat up one night and read from a little bit before the middle to the end. I stayed awake until 7 in the morning just to finish that book specifically because I refused to put it down until I finished it. I gobbled it up.

ANYTHING BY JODI PICOULT I WILL READ. All caps because it is so, so true. I've read every book she's came out with and have not been disappointed. Her writing is so beautiful and heart-wrenching in the most wonderful of ways.

So I skipped over a few of the questions because I didn't have an answer for some of them, but you can find the full list of questions at the blog I mentioned at the beginning of this post. I'm not going to tag anyone, but as always, feel free to play along and have fun! 

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  1. His Dark Materials was so good! But I did listen to it on audiobook so it was easier to get through. :) The Picture of Dorian Gray is a great choice for a classic! The story is so interesting.