Saturday, July 30, 2016

LIGHTS OUT: A Film Review

     Everyone has been afraid of the dark at least once in their life. If it wasn't growing up, it was after watching a horror movie, or when you thought you saw something in the shape of a horrifying creature once you got into bed to get some shut eye. This movie capitalized on those fears. And they capitalized on it very well. A fear of the dark makes sense. Not knowing what is around us until our eyes adjust is terrifying. When the lights are on, you're able to see danger before it comes at you and you can get prepared for it.
     The movie is about a family where mental illness and tragedy has been all they know. The mother, Sophie, is harboring a horrible secret from her children. This secret drove away Sophie's daughter Rebecca, and is now becoming a horrifying reality to Sophie's son Martin.
     One of the things I really enjoyed about this movie was the fact that it didn't seem like it was trying very hard to scare me, but it ended up doing so in a flawless manner. The suspense is another satisfying aspect of this movie. It gets your anxiety levels up and then manages to deliver the scares at perfect timing. The only downfalls to this movie, and every other horror film that I've watched is the fact that the actors make seemingly ridiculous decisions and cliches like going back into the house after getting the chance of getting out, and thinking all of the back-ups you placed around the house will somehow fend off the supernatural darkness. Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean!
     This is not the first film I've watched by James Wan, but it is definitely one of my favorite top three movies either produced or written by him. He is a horror movie master and he did not disappoint me too terribly. ;)

I attended this movie with my friend on a weekday and only four other people were in the theater. At one of the scariest parts of the movie, the light right next to be dimmed a considerable amount from how dim it already was. I nearly came out of my seat and took a huge NOPE. Definitely terrifying and I'll be adding it to my DVD collection ASAP. Have you watched Lights Out?