Saturday, March 12, 2016

Review || Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein

Title: Reckless Traveler
Author: Walter Rhein
Publisher: Perseid Press
Pages: 318
Rating: 5/5

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions herein are of my own.

Synopsis from AmazonReckless Traveler: an autobiographical novel of adventuring in South America, sure to delight anyone with a passport. PerĂº and beyond: Through the alchemy of travel, youthful folly may bring disaster or wisdom . . . and more.
The instructional travel guide for aspiring backpackers: learn how to bribe police, avoid malaria, and find employment abroad -- and what to do (and not to do) when armed mercenaries detain your charter bus.
Awaken your inner explorer with Walter Rhein's Reckless Traveler, expat tales from a decade of discovery.


This book is not usually the type of book I'll pick up if I were browsing through a bookstore. I am however, extremely glad +Walter Rhein decided to e-mail me to see if I wanted to read his book and write a review over it. I'm not one to pass up on adding a book to my library.
I am someone who loves the idea of travelling, but I doubt I ever really will. Mainly because the anxiety that comes when I actually start planning is too overwhelming. I did get lost in this book. The imagery Rhein weaves throughout his re-telling of his decade in Peru is astounding. The characters who flit in and out of his life are likable, some are even worrisome. The situations he got himself into range from hilarious to sad. I mostly smiled reading about his adventures than anything else, though.

You can tell there is a huge gap between how we do things within the United States and how other countries do things. When we're sick, we want to go to the doctor. When they're sick over there, they stick to home remedies. Dancing is always encouraged, and people are genuinely interested in taking you under their wing if they find you to be of good character, as opposed to us Americans thinking people should just make it by themselves.

Rhein has woken up the travel dragon inside me. I believe when I actually do sit down and plan something, I'll be able to follow through with it. My desire for new experiences outweighs my worries about what could potentially go wrong. I think I'll start slow and opt for another state instead of another country right off the bat, though. ;)

I'm giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars because Rhein knows how to re-tell a story. He knows how to make his readers laugh. He also knows how to make his readers be filled with awe by just telling us how he felt examining certain places he went to on his travels. It takes an amazing write to put a picture inside your head and make you feel what they were feeling at the time.


  1. This sounds really interesting.I may have to check it out for myself I love travel and adventure

  2. After going through your review, i really wanna read this book now. Is there any way i can get this book online then please let me know.

    Salman Noorani

  3. It's available on Amazon, but I have some review copies left :) thanks for such a great review!

  4. Great review. Looks like an interesting read .

  5. This sounds like a great read and it sounds like it would fire up the travelling bug in me :)

  6. awsome review..!! can't wait to check this book out!

  7. Your review was great and definitely made me want to read this book!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. Sounds interesting...I'm always looking for new books to read!

  9. Ooooh I love book reviews because it helps me figure out which book I need to read next. Thanks! xx

  10. I don't normally read autobiographies but I think it would be really cool to compare another country's culture with ours. I'd love to travel but it's pretty expensive to do so when you've got a huge student loan to pay off. Have you read Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard? I was ready to hop on a plane after reading that!

  11. You win me over when you talk about Peru. The book sure look very interesting and i am anxious to read it. I love to travel and i like to hear other experiences.

  12. wow ..sounds good i will see this book too