Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why I Blog: Week 5 in the Monthly Challenge Link Up

I've always wanted to be a blogger. Not at first because I wanted anyone to read what I had to say, but because I have all these thoughts inside my head that stay there until I finally get them out. Blogging was and still is an integral part of releasing the anxiety and depression I deal with on a day to day basis. If I can make sense of the thoughts swirling around in my head, then things tend to be better when I surface back into the real world.

Another reason is because I wanted a place to rant (or rave) about the books I've read or the books I want to read. I wanted to connect with other book bloggers in order to find new and upcoming books to get excited about. The book blogging community is a great one and I'm so glad to be a part of it. I'm not just a book blogger, though! I review products as well which is an awesome perk of being a blogger. I love how my opinion over a product can possibly make or break a purchase just from my experience with it. I've been accepted so warmly over the course of my few months actually keeping up with a blog not only from people within the blogging community, but also authors as well as companies.

Blogging has expanded my social media range so much! I know it's nothing like speaking face to face, but I love the communication I have going on between authors, companies, and people in the blogosphere. It's great! And I adore it. Blogging is such a perfect stress reliever to me. Sitting here typing my thoughts out. Having people read them. Reading other blog posts and getting to know the author from the words they've put out there for us to read. It's all very therapeutic.

If you want to join in on the fun, go link-up here on Sarah Emily's blog! She made the 52 week blogger challenge that I jumped in on 5 weeks too late. ;) 

So, there you have it. If you decide to join, drop your link below and I'll make sure to come by and read all about why YOU blog!


  1. The blogging community is so large, and that's my favorite part of it. There's space for everyone in any niche, and I'm so glad that blogging is a place of comfort where you can just be yourself. Glad you're on board for the challenge and can't wait to read your upcoming responses!

    Tazhiana | tazhiluxe.com

  2. Great post! I might jump into this blog challenge! Always looking for good blog post ideas...