Sunday, February 28, 2016

After the Crash by Michel Bussi

A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions herein are of my own.

Author: Michel Bussi
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense
Pages: 384
Star rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Amazon:
Just after midnight on December 23, 1980, a night flight bound for Paris plummets toward the Swiss Alps, crashing into a snowy mountainside. Within seconds flames engulf the plane, which is filled with holiday travelers. Of the 169 passengers, all but one perish.
The sole survivor is a three-month-old girl--thrown from the airliner before fire consumes the cabin. But two infants were on board. Is "the Miracle Child of Mont Terri" Lyse-Rose or Emilie? The families of both girls step forward to claim the child. Dogged by bad luck, the Vitrals live a simple life, selling snacks from a van on the beaches of northern France. In contrast, the de Carvilles, who amassed a fortune in the oil business, are powerful-and dangerous.
Eighteen years later, a private detective tasked with solving the mystery of the girl known as "Lylie" is on the verge of giving up. As he contemplates taking his own life, Crédule Grand-Duc suddenly discovers a secret hidden in plain view. Will he live to tell it?
Meanwhile, Lylie, now a beautiful university student, entrusts a secret notebook into the hands of Marc, the brooding young man who loves her, and then vanishes. After Marc reads the notebook's contents, he embarks on a frantic search for Lylie. 
But he is not the only one looking for her.

Bussi has truly spun a tale of suspense and mystery. Interwoven between this suspense is also a thrilling story filled with woe. When you're reading this book, you will trust people you shouldn't. Your heart will get broken because a character you thought you liked and knew well will do something utterly unthinkable. You will both cry and laugh. Most of all you'll definitely need a massage from hours of endless tense muscles while devouring this novel.
I absolutely loved it! I also adore the fact that this is a translated book, which I've never read any of. It definitely flowed smoothly. Oooo, if only I could read French, though!
All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I'm definitely glad I was able to read and review it. 


  1. Interesting to read your review. Loved the concept but I felt the story could have been so much more, there could have been deeper insight into the effect of the split identity had on the psychology of family members living with deep doubt for 18 years. But any subtle psychological exploration gets glossed over in the convoluted gun toting and chunks of diary gazing.....

  2. This sounds like an interesting read. I'd be curious to find out whose child Lylie actually is.

  3. I've got this one in my "to-read" pile after spotting it in a book shop one day.