Thursday, December 10, 2015

SexyPop popcorn + chips review!

Hello, everyone! This will be my first actual product review on this blog, but I've done a ton of them before on my previous Tumblr blogs and my wordpress site, but I've decided to move all of my book/product reviews to this site to keep things less hectic for me!

Anyway! I contacted SexyPop to see if they would send me some samples to review, and they did in a very timely manner I would add. I was expecting two, maybe three packages of chips, but they sent me a multitude to my surprise, and I am not complaining at all! Josie from SexyPop is so nice and helpful and I had a wonderful experience with this company.

Their popcorn is made without any GMO, they are gluten-free, have an abundance of antioxidants, and they only have 40 calories in one cup! On top of that, they are made out of 100% whole grain, they're Kosher, they're high in dietary fiber, and have 0 trans fat! Definitely a healthier and yummier alternative to regular popcorn if I must say to myself.

As for their chips, they have such a satisfying crunch I fell head over heels in love! These chips are cholesterol free, Kosher, earth grown, gluten free, have 0 trans fat, and are high in dietary fiber.

I also love the packaging that they put their popcorn and chips in! They have adorable and fun bags filled with insane yummy-ness I never even thought possible of healthy snack food. Out of all the flavors, the ones listed below were my absolute favorites:

1. Spinach and Matcha Tea - This seems like an unlikely combination, right? Well, it might be but it is an insanely good one! I'll admit, I had my doubt when I bought the chip to my lips, but when it was finally in my mouth I fell in love. It had the perfect mix of salty and sweet to satisfy my craving.

2. Brazilian Coconut - I really, really dislike coconut, but I was definitely surprised when I tasted this and loved it! It's not a very strong taste of coconut, but it's there in just the right amount to be noticed, but not too strong that it's too overwhelming. 

3. Sweet and Salty - This was my favorite out of all the flavors I was sent! I adore anything that is sweet and salty, and this was no exception!

The other flavors they sent me was Nantucket Salted, Pineapple Habanero, Black Pepper, and Bangin' Cheddar! This is definitely a company I'll be ordering from as soon as I run out of these samples.

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