Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lip Ink | Semi-Permanent Color That *Actually* Lasts All Day

DISCLAIMER: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions herein are of my own and are not swayed by the Lip-Ink company.

I received two different trial sized colors to review. The one I have on in the photo above is called Lava Red. It's much, much brighter in person. I definitely have to invest in a camera and some decent lighting. I'm a red kind of girl, so I also decided on the Glitter Ruby which I'm saving for Christmas, but I have to say it is probably my favorite out of the two that were sent to me. It is gorgeous.

I really love this lip-stain because you hear all kinds of products claiming to be smear-proof, but you always find out the hard way they're not telling the truth, but you don't have to worry about that with this product. It's literally two days later, and after brushing my teeth and washing my face I still have a red tint to my lips. I love it. This product is made with organic, vegan, and kosher ingredients. Not to mention that they're gluten and cruelty free as well.

At first I was like, "This is weird having to go through three steps to apply lipstick." but I was very surprised. The first step was the off solution. It helps cleanse and exfoliate your lips. After you're done doing that, you splash your lips and then PAT them dry. No harsh rubbing your sensitive lips, ladies (or gents)! Second, you're to hydrate your lips with the shine moisturizer packet. A little goes a long way, so make sure not to over-do it! You want it completely soaked in before putting the final product on. Make sure to shake the lip ink bottle before applying as well. You can apply the color up to three times, but for my lips I used only two applications because my lips were already bright enough against my pale skin. WARNING: It tingles! A lot. I was worried I did something wrong but I remember a member of the Lip-Ink team mentioning that it will and that it's perfectly fine. It stopped after not even 10 seconds.

I adore the colors. I'm so happy with this product and I will definitely be buying once these trials run out because they actually last. Well worth the money and a product I will be telling everyone possible about.


  1. Great look! Going to pass this to my daughter. Absolutely loves the color red :)


  2. Interesting, sounds like a lot of work for lipstick but I bet it looks beautiful!! I would love this!

  3. What an interesting product. Definitely worth a try!


  4. Thanks for the Great review! Ladies...You are being personally invited to take the challenge & test drive their guaranteed smearproof lipstick. LIP-INK® Lip Color comes with a Remover because it really does, take a remover to take it off. That's our SmearProof Guarantee! Visit today!