Monday, December 14, 2015

Kushyfoot | Footwear review

Disclaimer: I've been provided these samples in exchange for an honest review. All of the opinions herein are of my own and are not swayed in any form by Kushyfoot.

I wanted to first talk about these adorable flats-to-go's. They sent the alligator print to me, and have 3 other prints available. At first I thought, "Oh my goodness these are going to feel so weird on me!" but I was extremely surprised once I got them on. They are the most comfortable pair of flats I own currently. They don't rub the back of my heels raw when I walk in them at all, which is a major plus for me because every pair of flats I have do that to me no matter what size they are. The padded sole on the bottom is a plus for your achy feet! Kushyfoot really is amazing just for this. I'll continue on, though.

I normally have a really hard time finding knee high socks that fit me in a way that...actually fit. I have big legs. They're freakishly muscular at the bottom from cheer-leading when I was younger, so it's hard to find socks that actually stay up and won't roll down when I'm walking. These are perfect for that! I walked through my house without these rolling down once. They're also 
very warm and super soft because they're fleece lined. I'm super excited about these because my legs and feet get so cold during the winter months!

Kushyfoot also sent me two pairs of extreme low cut foot covers in black and nude. I've always had an issue finding foot coverings that don't actually show when I'm wearing a pair of flats. They're always peeking out either behind my heel or at the tips of my toes. I had no problem slipping these on and putting on the flats they sent me and being surprised to find out that these are really great at being no-shows! These are perfect for people who want to wear their cute flats, but need socks that actually don't show when they walk! Not to mention how elegant these look. No one will see them anyway, but it's nice that they're cute!

I was also sent the Microfiber crew sock. I love these socks. I always have problems with achy feet. These socks are made with soles with zig-zag designs on the bottom of them in order to help protect the balls of your feet. They're also made with Coolmax which keeps your feet from sweating all day! Who wouldn't absolutely love the idea of that? 

And last but certainly not least, they sent me two pairs of their white low cut arch support athletic socks. I have to admit, I'm a low-key sock hater. I used to never wear socks much to the dismay of my parents because I always thought they were just too uncomfortable and that they weren't worth it. It was a form of torture to me to have to wear them. These socks are no issue for me. I am in love with how thick but comfortable these are. They're warm, and you can't definitely tell they have support for your arches in them because there's a little but of pressure on the bottom of your foot, but it's not an uncomfortable kind of pressure.

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