Thursday, December 17, 2015

How to Become a Product Reviewer: Tips and Tricks

This is a question I get asked a lot through my Facebook friends. As a result of that, I'm making a comprehensive list of tips and tricks I've learned throughout my months of being a product review blog.

1. Get a blog and establish your niche.
I recommend starting out with a simple blogging platform like Blogger, which is what this website is, or Wordpress. I chose Blogger because it is super user friendly, has a lot of widgets you can add to your blog, and simply just because I prefer this website to Blogger. Establishing your niche is easy! All you have to do is decide what type of products you want to review. Are you a makeup addict and want to review beauty products? Go for a beauty blog! Are you a brand spankin' new mother and like to talk about your kids and their experiences? Become a mommy blogger! Are you someone who just really enjoys trying everything out? Consider yourself a universal blogger. 

2. Gather a following.This step took awhile for me because I didn't have the resources I'll be giving you below.
  • Grow your social media: Get an Instagram, Pinterest, and a Twitter so you'll have more places to review the products that are getting sent to you. The more social media websites you have, the better you keep up with them, the more followers you end up getting and the better chances you have at getting companies to take you seriously. 
  • Join Facebook groups specifically for bloggers: A few of them are listed below. Make sure you read the rules before joining!
    1. Blog Engagement &Promotion Group
    2. Non-Parent Blog Promotion Group
    3. The Blog Love Project
    4. Grow Your Blog
    5. Blogging Tribe
    6. Show Your Blog Love
    7. The Sparkle Life

    These are the Facebook groups that I'm currently in. They have daily blog promotion threads to help you connect with other bloggers, and other bloggers connect with you. 
  • Use Google: Look for blogs within your niche and find blog posts that interest you and comment on them. The more places you comment, the more you have a chance at having people seeing your name and comments and wanting to see what else you have to say!
3. Review!
Start out reviewing things that are already in your home to get a feel for how you want your blog posts to be set up. My product reviews are all over the place, but a lot of other blogs are more structured. It's whatever you want it to be! Once you have a decent number of visitors coming to see your page daily, and a nice background of product reviews, then you can start finding companies to contact!

4. How to find companies.

  • You can start by using google. You can type in "gluten-free foods" if you're a healthy food blogger and companies will pop up. Or you can look up "organic makeup". Basically you can look up anything you want and there will most likely be a company for it. 
  • You can also get ideas from other product review blogs. You can search "product review blog" and find hundreds of these. Searching through their blog posts for companies that fit your niche is super easy! 
5. What to do when you find a company to e-mail.
Make sure you have something to say. For example, I start out by telling them my name, my blog URL, what I blog about, how many followers I have, and example to past reviews. This is basically what they're looking for. Depending on the company, they might require you to have a wide viewing base on your blogs alone, or they'll decide if they're going to send you samples based on your social media following as well. Don't forget to thank them even if they say no! It's not all about receiving products, it's also about getting your name and blog out there, and a nice person behind the blog will always receive better praise than someone who's rude. Here is a guideline for the e-mail I normally send below:


Hello! My name is _____ and I run a product review blog over at I was looking around your website and I would love to be able to review some of your products for my blog if possible? 
I would be absolutely delighted if so, but if not that's perfectly fine. 

If so, here is my information and it would be very appreciated!

Phone number:

Always close out with a thank you as well!

Hopefully this guide works for you if you're looking to become a product review blog! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask me!


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  4. This is helpful. I'm not to a place where I'm ready to review yet, but I will refer back to this when I am.

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