Saturday, December 19, 2015

Danielle Creations | Create Infinite Lashes

I was out shopping with my mom, grandma, and sister last weekend and I stumbled on a cute little section in T.J Maxx that caught my eye. My eyes skipped over everything else naturally because this and a pair of tweezers were the only items on the display that were pink. So of course I decided to buy this eyelash curler, and the pair of tweezers (which I'll be saving for another review).

Even though I picked this up based solely on the color, I was not disappointed at all! I normally get a lot of comments on how long my eyelashes are when they're not curled or they don't have mascara on them. I am so thankful for that, believe me! I've been without an eyelash curler for a long time, so I'm happy I decided to buy this one on a whim.

Below is what they look like, the before photo of my eye, and the after photo. I really need a new phone with a good camera or just better lighting in general, but here it is anyway.

The name of these eyelash curlers are not misleading at all. They're called "Soft Touch Implements" for a reason. That reason is because even though the grips are rubber, they actually feel like you're touching someone velvet, but smoother than that. Soft things in my hands? I likely. The plus side to these eyelash curlers despite the great curling action, is the fact that they come with two extra refills of the rubber pads in case yours get disgustingly gunky. PSA; Don't use your eyelash curlers on lashes that already have makeup on them! You'll hurt your eyelashes!

I wish I had a better picture, but these eyelash curlers are a definite must-have! I'm very, very happy with these and I know I'll be using them until they mysteriously disappear or I find one that has magical properties and does better than this one.

Thanks for reading! What sort of eyelash curler do you use? Do you use one at all? Did you know you weren't supposed to use eyelash curlers on your eyelashes after makeup, but before?


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