Saturday, December 26, 2015

Aunt Flo's Happy Box | Subscription Box Review

DISCLAIMER: I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions herein are of my own and are not swayed by Aunt Flo's Happy Box's creator.

I LOVE reviewing subscription boxes because I have absolutely no idea what will be coming in them. I love a mystery! The idea behind Aunt Flo's Happy Box is a perfect one. That time of the month comes and you feel rundown, hungry for some chocolate, and in dire need of some pampering. Aunt Flo is here to help you with that!

I this box I received:

1. Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampons - Since getting in my new birth control implant, I very rarely have Mother Nature visit me monthly, but I do see her sometimes, although not for very long. I love Tampax, and they're the only brand of tampons I will use.

2. Creme de Pirouline in Chocolate Hazlenut - I LOVE these wafers. They carry the perfect amount of crunch and tastiness inside of them. This was a box of 10 wafers, and I'm currently munching on them as I write this.  So yummy, I can't stop.

3. EOS hand lotion in cucumber - I am not a fan of cucumber, but what I am a fan of is this hand lotion and the smell that makes me a fan of cucumber. I adore the design of the lotion bottle and the smell is other worldy. I fell in love and this is something I will definitely purchase more of once I run out.

4. Two Que Bella lavender relaxing aromatherapy masks - Every girl needs to be able to pamper herself when she's feeling under the weather. These make for a wonderful smelling pick-me-up. And there's 2!

5. Bubble & Charm body cream - I could only find that link to buy this lotion, but it comes with another product so I couldn't find the individual item. This lotion has a very flowery smell to it, and I love lotions like that. It's also very non-greasy and soaks in well.

6. Burt's Bees Zinnia tinted lip balm - I love lip balm that hydrates as well as adds a hint of color, and Zinnia is the perfect color for my skin tone. Definitely leaves your lips feeling that familiar Burt's Bees soft and beautiful!

7. Godiva white & milk chocolate truffels - Godiva is my favorite type of chocolate because in my mind it's simply is the best. I'm not a fan of white chocolate but Godiva definitely switches that up for me.

8. Cottonelle flushable cleansing cloths - I know how icky you feel when you're on your cycle and everything down there just makes you feel gross. Cottonelle flushable wipes are there to help. They're you're friend.

I really enjoyed receiving this box, and I recommend it to anyone who get their monthly, and even if not and you receive it occasionally like me, I still recommend this because it's awesome! Perfectly hand-picked. Thanks Aunt Flo!

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  1. I've seen a lot of subscription boxes lately but this one is so unique. I love the concept! Who wouldn't want to receive a box full of goodies during that time of the month?!

    Happy New Year,
    Allison |