Sunday, November 8, 2015

When Things Don't Fit: A Blog Post of Frustration

Okay, so I've noticed that I have a bit of a problem getting things to fit. With anything. For example:

This is normal for us girls, right? I'm short, 5'2, and weigh pretty up there according to the scale. When I decide to clean up and go out I either opt for leggings and a cute shirt, or deal with my pants. The ones that either go all the way down past my toes but fit my butt perfectly, or the ones that fit my legs perfectly, but have me looking like a less than appetizing muffin.

I have this issue every time I lie down to go to sleep. I turn off my light, cuddle up in bed to read an e-book and then my phone decides it's just giving up for the day. I try to reach my phone charger, it's a million miles away. I get up to plug it in and in the dark I can't see anything so I'm sitting there fumbling until FINALLY it fits.

When your books don't fit on your bookshelves anymore, it's a real struggle. You're tripping over books as soon as you walk into your room. They're in the bathroom, strewn on your desk, in your chairs, on top of the bookshelf, tucked away in your closet, under your bed. I want them all displayed properly, dang it!

These are the main things I've found that I just can't seem to fit into no matter what. It kept occuring to me so I needed to blog about it, naturally!



  1. If you ask me, all pants should just have an elastic waist.

    1. I 100% agree with you. They'd be so much more comfortable that way.

  2. Oh god yes, the phone charger thing. Every night, I swear. Also, my house key and the key hole in the dark, and OMG books. I swear I just bought a bookshelf, how do I already have to many books again!? It's a mystery. (Also I keep buying them, but minor details.)

  3. I think the phone charger thing is what irritates me the most. I can deal with pants not fitting right, I can deal with wading through books, but when I try to fit my charger in my phone 5 times and have to keep switching it around when there's only 2 ways, there's something wrong. LOL.
    Haha, and buying books is an addiction, I swear! The feel of a new book in my hands is the best in the world!