Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Some Very Book-ish Questions: Part 1

As found on Whispers of the Silent Wind. I've been very bored today so I decided to look up some very book-ish questions and I stumbled upon these! Let's hop to it. :)

  1. Your first favorite book?
    I was a huge Harry Potter fan growing up. So any of those you could say!
  2. Your current favorite book?
    I haven't read any books that could compete with Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta. I adore that book.
  3. Favorite book of all time?
    See above.
  4. Least favorite book of all time?
    I don't read books that I don't really like, but I'd like to say Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano was horrible.
  5. What book/s can you not live with out?
    Probably any Jodi Picoult. I need those books like I need air.
  6. What book/s that you rave about?
    Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta and Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult.
  7. An author/s that you dislike/hate?
    I don't dislike or hate any author. :)
  8. An author/s you like/love?
    Jodi Picoult. She's my favorite.
  9. What popular book do you just hate?
    Hm...I can't think of any currently!
  10. How many books to you read in a month?
    Not very many. I tend to choose huge books and space them out over time if they're not good.
  11. How many books to you read in a year?
    See above.
  12. What do you do to get through a reading slump?
    I look on book blogs and find new books to add to my TBR list and I'm cured!
  13. How many reading slumps do you get a year?
    Probably 1. 
  14. Favorite genre?
    YA or True Crime.
  15. Least favorite genre?
    Romance/Erotica. *Shudder*
  16. How many bookshelf/bookshelves do you own?
    I currently only have one cabinent I put my books in. My mother says she's going to buy me an actual bookshelf with more room soon.
  17. How many books do you own?
    Over 100.
  18. Biggest book haul?
    At the mall after I got paid. I only bought like 6 books but it was well over $100 dollars. Lol.
  19. How many books do you get/buy in a year?
    It varies.
  20.  Goodreads challenge/reading goal for this year?
  21. Favorite series?
    The Shiver series.
  22. Least favorite series?
    I don't have a least favorite.
  23. Longest series you own?
    Harry Potter. :)
  24. Pick the 23 book on your bookshelf, open it to the 86 page and find the 13th line. Type it out for us.
    "She's in there," says Lorelei; her mouth full of meat." - Dogs of Babel.
  25.  Favorite quote?
    “A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” 
  26. Favorite character/s?
    Ronald Weasley and Dimitri Belikov. 
  27. Least favorite character/s?
    I don't have any least favorite characters, really.
  28. How many books have you read so far this year?
    Goodreads is telling me 22.
  29. How many books have you read so far this month?
    Seeing as it's November 4th, none yet.
  30. Do you read ‘classics’?
    I went through a phase, yes. I still do if I find one I think sounds good.
  31. Do you read Fanfiction?
    Definitely not.
  32. Do you read smut?
    No, they're my least favorite.
  33. Do you read LGBTQ books?
    Yes, if I think they sound good.
  34. Do you read Poetry?
    I definitely do.
  35. Do you like Poetry?
    It's a favorite genre of mine.
  36. Any other readers in your family?
    My sister used to be until she started college and now she's really busy.
  37. Are any of your friends readers?
    My best friend Alexandra is. :)
  38. Does your family support your reading habits?
    Of course. :) Mom doesn't want me to get rid of any of mine because she wants me to have a library. Lol.
  39. Favorite book turned movie?
    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  40. Least favorite book turned movie?
  41. OTP?
    I don't do those. Lol.
  42. Do you like ebooks?
    I would if I had a Kindle and an Oyster account!
  43. Do you use ebooks?
    Only on occasion. Just for NetGalley on my phone usually.
  44. Paperback or Hardback?
    Hardback please.
  45. Do you use a library?
    I haven't in a while but I've been meaning to visit.
  46. Do you want to be an Author or are you content to just be a reader?
    Just a reader. :)
  47. Do you have any books already written by you?
  48. Do you want to be a Poet?
    Definitely not.
  49. Book/s that made you cry?
    Can I say all of Jodi Picoult's books?
  50. Book/s that made you scared?
    None. I'm more into the horror genre but none of them have scared me yet.
  51. What book character does your mother remind you of?
    I haven't read any books that have mothers that remind me of my mom.
  52. What book character does your father remind you of?
    See above.
  53. What book character does your significant other remind you of?
    See above.
  54. Won any writing competitions? 
  55. Won any poetry competitions?
    I really don't write.
  56. A book/writing related job that you would love to do?
    I would love to be an editor, does that count?
  57. Do you have plenty of bookish items around your house?
  58. Do you want more books?
    Well of course!
  59. Do you consider yourself a fast reader?
    When I absolutely love the book, yes.
  60. Do you consider yourself a slow reader?
    When I feel "meh" about the book, yes.
  61. Do you have book buying bans for yourself?
    Nah. I hardly ever have money anyway so when I do I indulge.
  62. Do you gift your friends and family with bookish items/books?
    Nope. They don't read. My sister wants other things and my best friend lives too far away.
  63. What else do you get besides books at a bookstore?
    Notebooks count?
  64. Do you use bookmarks a lot?
    Nope! I'm a dog-earer. I love my books to look well-loved.

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