Friday, November 6, 2015

Monthly Goals Linky!

Hello everyone! I decided to join this linky from +My So-Called Chaos and +A Peek at Karen's World. You can find the linky here.

November is here! November is here! Already six days into this glorious month, and there's only 20 days left until Thanksgiving. Who else is excited? I'm drooling right now at the thought of mashed potatoes and gravy covering some of our awesome turkey. So yummy!

Anyway...this will be my first "monthly goal" meme? I think it's a blogger meme. I don't really know. I'm new to all of this! It's one I'll be doing every month from here on out, though.

1. Manage to clean my room from top to bottom and keep it that way for the holidays. How does my room get so messy? I need new sheets because all I see are brown hairs on white sheets and it grosses me out. Living with a boyfriend was wonderful, but how do they get the restroom so dirty? There's a vacuum cleaner in the hallway! You pass it every day on your way to the kitchen...

2. RELAX this month. There is no reason for me to constantly have a pinched nerve from being so tense all the time. Worrying solves nothing.

3. Reach out to fellow bloggers and boost my presence! Hello bloggers!

4. Work on my relationship. Stress is a major factor in both of our lives, so we need to cut down on that in some way.

5. Complete my first successful giveaway! I don't know where to put my Rafflecopter code. I need to find out how to incorporate it without it looking weird on a blog post!

6. Read most of the books I've been sent for review before they're not available anymore! I have 8!

7. Figure out what to get my nephew for his birthday.

8. Get my boyfriend's Christmas presents early before they go out of stock.

9. Lose at least 5 10 pounds this month please...

10. Embrace love! This is a time for happiness! No need to be so closed on that Scrooge!

Well, that was mostly a letter to myself, but at least I joined in! Looking forward to seeing all of yours!



  1. Oh my gosh YES. Living with a boy is SO MESSY AND DIRTY. I've given up on the current apartment. Once we move I am going to be constantly cleaning so it never gets to the horribly unclean point!

    1. Haha! Good idea! I wish I had done that from the beginning but it all spirals out of control so fast! Apartments aren't very spacious, I live in one. So everything seems so cramped and so far gone sometimes. Lol