Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Diary of a Haunting by M. Verano: Book Review

Hello all! Let me just tell you that when I go to Wal-Mart, I always go to the book section and pick up one or two. I ended up getting Diary of a Haunting because I've been seeing it around on a ton of book blogs lately (and it was October so I wanted a creepy read!!) and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about! So, I picked it up and automatically came home to read it.

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Synopsis from GoodreadsWhen Paige moves from LA to Idaho with her mom and little brother after her parents’ high-profile divorce, she expects to completely hate her new life, and the small town doesn’t disappoint. Worse yet, the drafty old mansion they’ve rented is infested with flies, spiders, and other pests Paige doesn’t want to think about.

She chalks it up to her rural surroundings, but it’s harder to ignore the strange things happening around the house, from one can of ravioli becoming a dozen, to unreadable words appearing in the walls. Soon Paige’s little brother begins roaming the house at all hours of the night, and there’s something not right about the downstairs neighbor, who knows a lot more than he’s letting on. 

Things only get creepier when she learns about the sinister cult that conducted experimental rituals in the house almost a hundred years earlier.
The more Paige investigates, and the deeper she digs, the clearer it all becomes: whatever is in the house, whatever is causing all the strange occurrences, has no intention of backing down without a fight.

Found in the aftermath, Diary of a Haunting collects the journal entries, letters, and photographs Paige left behind.

Maybe it's just the fact that I'm 20 years old now, but I haven't found a single YA novel this year that I've completely fell in love with in a long while. I was looking for a really creepy book considering it was Halloween when I bought this, but it ended up not living up to my expectations.

I'm a scaredy-cat. A horror fanatic, yes, but also the biggest wuss in the entire world. Trust me on this one. I normally refuse to read anything scary unless someone is in the house with me, but I read the whole back half of the story in my bathtub (the creepiest room in my house is my bathroom) at night by myself. 

It was at most a yawn-worthy and predictable story. I automatically picked up on what was happening because the clues were less than subtle. The "twist" wasn't a twist at all. It didn't make my mouth drop or anything. I don't want to seem too harsh, but I feel as if a scary book should make me a little scared. It was definitely not worth the $15.28 that I dropped on it, and I'm almost tempted to take it back to Wal-Mart. The reason I give it two stars is because it has pictures that pertain to the book and I really like books that incorporate haunting photos that go extremely well with the scene taking place.

I think it would have been better if it was less predictable and more scary. I feel as if the author didn't build up enough suspense, and the point of view of Paige was a little humorous in my opinion. I understand that you feel as if you need to connect with people of YA age, but I assure you you don't have to make references to things you think are "cool" because it will engage us. We can handle sophistication in the books we read. That's why we read them!

If you enjoy books that aren't too scary but still want one with creepy elements, I urge you to get this one because it hits the nail on the head.


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  1. Well, that was interesting. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hmmmm Well, I don't have any particular book in mind, but I can tell you one that I read already and that was the Warble. I love fantasy... fairies and evil queens... yes, nothing scary that's real for me. There's enough of that goin' on in the world don't you think? So let's dive into a cool fantasy book and hide for a while. hehehe Thank you for stopping by I'm not following you. HUGS and hope you visit again some time.